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We accept donations of any clean and usable art, craft, office, and school supplies. Your donations help us offer creative materials and workshops at an affordable price, promote sustainable behavior and keep usable items out of the waste stream. 


The list below is not comprehensive, but rather to give you an idea of the typesmaterials that we can use. Please email if you have something you think we could use, but do not see it listed below.

Please note that we are unable to accept:

  • Anything that is toxic, leaking, unlabeled, rusty, decades old, or dangerous

  • Anything dirty, sticky, moldy, smelly, smoke-damaged, insect-damaged, or in bad condition

ART SUPPLIES – Paint (oil, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, house/wall, spray), brushes, pastels, glue, chalk, ink, stencils, crayons (new or broken), markers (usable and dried out), rulers, scissors, clay, glue guns, canvas (blank and used), easels, paper making supplies, nail polish, spray adhesive, macramé tools, looms, potter’s wheels

PAPER - Copy paper, cardstock, letterhead, envelopes, art paper and pads, construction paper, rolls of paper, poster board, paper sample books, select art books, blueprints, sturdy cardboard tubes, maps, (unused) greeting cards, vintage cards/postcards, posters, calendars, stamps, playing cards

ARCHITECTURE/DESIGN – carpet samples, formica samples, wallpaper, tiles, upholstery swatches, paint chip samples, wood laminate samples, vintage china (intact or broken), architecture samples, fabric books, contact paper, wood samples

METAL - Bottle caps, metal fixtures (hooks, doorknobs, etc.), screws, nails, keys, jar lids, tools

VINTAGE - photos, small bits, jewelry, linens, tins and packaging, postcards, greeting cards, notions, magazines, sewing patterns, crafts, signs

WOOD - Small blocks and boards (untreated), sheets of cork, craft wood, spools, dowels, stretcher bars, popsicle sticks, vintage signs, (clean) chopsticks, molding/trim (under 1m), boxes, empty wooden thread spools, sandpaper

​CRAFT SUPPLIES – Craft tools (all kinds), pipe cleaners, feathers, craft foam, glitter, marbles, game and puzzle pieces, confetti, fake flowers/plants, wine corks, buttons, straws, popsicle sticks, floral and styrofoam blocks, candle molds/wax/wicks, shells, craft molds (candy, soap, etc), magnets, unused or unfinished craft kits, wreath forms, jewelry (finished or broken) and jewelry making supplies, stamps and stamp pads, collage and scrapbooking supplies

FABRIC AND NOTIONS – Fabric (any size), any sewing supplies or tools, fasteners/zippers, buttons, beads, sequins, jewelry pieces, thread, ribbon, Velcro, leather/suede scraps, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, raw wool, felt, burlap, real/faux fur, lace, trim, tassels, embroidery/needlepoint floss and canvas, antique embroidery/doilies, natural and synthetic fabric dyes/paints, rope/cord, belt buckles, batting/stuffing, elastic/webbing, throw pillow forms, sewing patterns, yarn cones

CONTAINERS - Small glass jars (no labels), tins, small cardboard boxes, shopping bags, prescription bottles (no labels), plastic crates, cigar boxes, Rubbermaid type bins, small plastic containers, tubes, baskets, egg cartons, pouches, burlap sacks, jewelry boxes, lids and caps (clean)

OTHER – Office supplies, holiday, gift wrap and party supplies, books and magazines related to arts and crafts/architecture/design, trophies, mannequins/heads, small figurines/toys/collectibles, learning toys

Additional Information


For smaller donations, we’d prefer the materials to be dropped off during opening hours. For larger donations (3+ boxes), please contact us to make arrangements for your items. Please do not leave donations outside our door. 

If you’d like to organize a material drive at your school, organization or business, or if you know of a bulk resource for relevant items, please contact


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