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Did you know that more than half of the waste in Denmark comes from the commercial and industrial sectors? It's been exciting to see so many companies and organizations updating their waste reduction policies, and we'd love to help you reach your goals. Consider donating your "waste" to us and inspire creative reuse in our community.

If you think your business, school or organization has materials that could be useful for our mission, please contact us at to make arrangements for a pickup service or a donation drop off. Please include a picture or description of the item(s).

Some ideas of what we might be interested in (check out our Donation List, too!):

  • Production by-products

  • Overstock

  • Defective materials or mistake items

  • Unused/unwanted supplies

  • Unique or unusual items

  • Items or materials that come in bright colors or interesting patterns

  • Architecture design samples

  • Office supplies: cardboard tubes, labels, paper, stamps, etc

  • Marketing materials: bags, paper, signs, letters, stickers, outdated swag, etc

  • Miscellaneous items: blueprints, reels, corks, cones, mannequins and much more


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