About Bricolage

Bricolage, a nonprofit organization, is a community space and store in Aarhus, Denmark that offers supplies and programming for creative reuse projects. 

Bricolage, a word derived from the French verb meaning "to tinker", is the skill of taking whatever you have on hand and reusing the materials in a new, creative way. As a nonprofit dedicated to creative reuse, Bricolage Aarhus felt this term was a perfect name as we went through the steps to formally establish the organization in 2020. As we continue to continue to grow, we hope to help you find your inner bricoleur (a person who practices bricolage) as we give you the opportunity to take something that might normally be discarded and use it for your next creative project. Inspired by the creative reuse centers around the world, we hope to make arts, crafts and sustainability accessible and affordable to the residents of Aarhus.

While we work on finding a permanent location, we will be holding popup shops and workshops around the community, where you can purchase arts and crafts supplies, participate in a skill building workshop and connect with other people interested in creativity and sustainability.

Check out our Articles of Association/Vedtægter in Danish or English

our Mission

Bricolage aims to build awareness around conscious consumption, sustainability, and creativity in order to create a more resourceful society.


Through creative reuse, we give new life to items that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

What we Do

  • We collect and sell usable creative supplies and materials from corporate and private donors.

  • We offer courses and events focused on creativity and sustanability to educate the community about reuse and how to create in responsible ways.

  • We unite the community by creating an inclusive environment where everyone can learn to be more creative and evironmentally conscious.

About us

Doni Tuck


I am an American who has lived in Denmark for many years and have gone through a number of craft phases (crocheting, scrapbooking and jewelry making to name a few) over the years. Currently, my creative projects often involve turning seasonal produce into jams and pickles.


Professionally, I’ve worked in administrative roles within the public and non-profit sectors for many years and have, therefore, been taking lead on Bricolage’s administrative functions.

Jane Langkilde


Growing up surrounded by creative people has given me a playground to try many creative outlets throughout my life. Professionally, I have worked as an animator for many years, but have recently felt a calling to help create an environment to make it easier for others to be creative.

I always have at least one creative project going, including an upcycling side hustle called Den Grønne Tråd. At Bricolage, I will be focusing on the more creative aspects of the organization and teaching some of the classes and workshops.


GeLinde, Mindet 6, 8000 Aarhus

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Email: hello@bricolage.dk

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